The Innervate Difference


Our clients are why we love our job. Here’s what our clients love about us:



I started at Innervate in April with a view to losing weight. Both Beth and Jack have a great approach to fitness making it fun and enjoyable. I have lost nearly a stone in just 4 weeks! I feel my core and balance are stronger. I feel more toned and my fitness levels are higher. As well as being fun there are visible results, making the exercise rewarding.
I started with a trial at Innervate last October. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially from PT sessions,  but I wanted/needed some energy, strength and confidence in my body.  I had never-ever stuck to any fitness stuff before but Beth and Jacks unique approach to fitness/wellbeing has me hooked. I love working out now :))  the balance between PT Pilates and Yoga is fab.. I leave sessions feeling energised and that I’ve pushed myself too, getting fitter and stronger. I have so, so much more energy and I feel my body is now working for me rather than being a ‘sack of potatoes’ I dragged around.
I feel great,  better than I have felt in years!! I thought about what makes innervate different from regular gyms, it’s supportive, fun and never intimating, everyone I met there is so, so lovely.  But essentially it’s all about Beth and Jack, their ‘Ying and Yang’ complimentary styles, their amazing knowledge of fitness, diet and wellbeing and….they care about each person and offer a unique, supportive and personalised approach to fitness and well being …Beth and Jack are the  difference that works!!