Don’t Make Fitness Your New Year’s Resolution…

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Use fitness to support your resolutions!

It may sound like madness, a fitness and wellbeing studio overtly discouraging potential clients to not make fitness a New Year’s resolution. But before you share this with friends, laughing at this apparent business blunder, please let us explain.

Each and every year, commercial gyms up and down the country thrive on January sign-ups. And why wouldn’t they after all? The majority of people would have just overloaded on festive food and drink and are probably feeling considerably out of shape. Along comes Mr. Commercial Gym offering amazing “New Year, New Me” type deals and then sits back watching the masses fall for the same old ploy. Within the industry, it’s known as the Bonus Season rather than the Festive Season.

Signing up the general public to oversubscribed gyms is easy money. Many people fall into this trap around Christmas time and then feel the financial error in their ways for the following 11 months.

No Joining Fee!

Sure, at the time, “no joining fee”, seemed like a great deal. But a couple of bad experiences later through overcrowded gyms and classes that never have availability, your motivation is now a distant memory. Adding insult to injury, the gym has let you down, yet will continue to take money from you monthly for the privilege. It may be a sore point, but if you calculate how much money you’re actually spending per minute in the gym you may find that you’re considerably out of pocket.

This isn’t your fault however. You’ve just been victim to a commercial money making scheme and suffered at the hands of a poor experience.

So what now? Make 2019 different!


Make resolutions that don’t rely on you “forcing” yourself to do something. Consider these New Year Resolutions:

  • To travel 4 times in 2019
  • To have at least 8 big nights out with the girls
  • Join a part-time course to learn a new skill
  • Hike a mountain
  • Raise money for a charity

None of these, apart from the hiking, need you to be fit and healthy. But being fit and healthy will help you achieve them. Being in the right frame of mind and feeling healthy will make you want to realise the next goal. Nobody wants to have a big night out with the girls and not feel great about how they look. Imagine knowing that you’ve got a weekend booked with your nearest friends and you are proud of your body and what you have achieved. Trust me, the prosecco will taste that little bit sweeter when you’re lighting up the room.

Let us help you on that journey! We’re not here for quick turnarounds and January bonuses, we’re real people helping real people. We’re a private fitness studio at The May Wellness Centre in Redland offering Small group Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates.

At Innervate you will experience fitness like never before. You will be in a supportive and nurturing environment to help keep you motivated. You aren’t tied into any kind of contract and there are no joining fees.  Your sessions are 100% guided and structured, designed to help you train as effectively as possible in the most time efficient manner possible. You will have access to our easy online booking system and enjoy unlimited sessions a week with likeminded people.

Trial our 28 day new member offer and give your fitness the kick-start you deserve. No catch. No contracts.

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